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Ludza Russian Society “Nasledije” (“Heritage”)

Main goals of the organization:

  • representation of interests of Russian culture linguistic society in Ludza;
  • representation of civil, linguistic, educational, cultural, national, economic and other interests of Ludza Russian Society;
  • preservation and development of Russian culture and traditions, as well as culture and traditions of national minorities in Latvia;
  • advocacy of human’s rights.

Our target audience is representatives of ethnic minorities, NGOs, school youth, inhabitants of Ludza and other municipalities of Latgale region.

Ludza Russian Society “Nasledije” organizes literary, musical, creative events, exhibitions, meetings for Ludza inhabitants with representatives of various professions and creative people, participates in the organization committee of Ludza town festival. Russian ballad and poetry nights, sacred music events, creative nights, book presentations – all these activities organized by the members of “Nasledije” have already become traditional in Ludza district.

The organization has close cooperation with:

Ludza section of Polish community in Latvia,
Ludza Byelorussian Society “Krinica”,
Interest club of Ludza Town Central Library “Society of Book Friends “Rainbow””,
Ludza Secondary school No. 2,
Ludza Culture Centre,
Ludza Local history museum,
Zilupe Secondary school,
Zilupe Music school,
Theatre studio “Nabaga Joriks”,
Rezekne Russian community,
Daugavpils section of Russian community in Latvia.

“Nasledije” has experience in cooperation with Naturalization Boardof the Republic of Latvia.

At the moment, there are 50 members in Ludza Russian Society “Nasledije”.

Work of the organization has been based on voluntary principle since its beginning.

7 members of the organization are occupied with literary creation and constantly published his literary works.

Full-time or part-time employees are hired within the framework of project implementation only.

Organizationa has got a library, archive of memories, video archive and photo archive.