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Project “Restoration of the Great Synagogue of Ludza and Revival of Jewish Spiritual Heritage”

EEZ_logoThe Great synagogue of Ludza is a culture (architecture) monument of state importance and it is the oldest synagogue in Latvia and Baltic States. It is located in the area of another monument – the Historical Centre of Ludza Town. The Synagogue is considered to be a unique cultural monument of Jewish in the north-eastern Europe, which mostly have been lost elsewhere in Europe during the 20th century. In order to keep the culture and historical heritage and to ensure qualitative access to culture services for the society, the synagogue building will be restored and expositions will be created.

Title of the Project
Restoration of the Great Synagogue of Ludza and Revival of Jewish Spiritual Heritage
Project number
Programme Programme LV04 “CONSERVATION AND REVITALIZATION OF CULTURAL AND NATURAL HERITAGE” of the European Economic Area and Norway Financial Instrument 2009-2014; small grant scheme “Conservation of Cultural Heritage”
Location of activities
Ludza Town, Latvia
Implementation period
10.09.2014. – 31.10.2016.
Aim Restore the building of Ludza Great Synagogue, creating Ludza ghetto exposition, photographer Wolf Frank’s and documentary film director Herz Frank’s works multi-media exposition, the Audio-visual exposition of the Jewish people history in Ludza and, the Exposition on the Jewish people’s life and faith to ensure preservation of culture heritage and public accessibility to qualitative culture services.
Main activities
  • Project administration.
  • Restoration of the Great synagogue of Ludza.
  • Exchange of experience with project partners in Norway, incl. Norwegian experts’ visits and organization of workshops.
  • Creation of exhibition.
  • Publicity
Result indicators
  • Ludza Great Synagogue’s building restored
  • 4 expositions created
  • 6 Ludza craftsmen-restorers trained
Total eligible costs
250 000.00 EUR
Total grant, including 237 500.00 EUR
EEA grant  201 875.00 EUR
National co-financing
 35 625.00 EUR
Ludza Municipality’s co-financing
 12 500.00 EUR
Project partners

Museum Centre in Hordaland, Norway


Contact person: Solveig Jordal

Contact information:

Project manager
 Ilona Rimša
Contact information Phone. +371 65707411; e-mail:
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