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Real estate (building), 1. maija street, Ludza

Investment offer from Ludza Municipility:

Real estate (building).
Cadastral Number 6801 003 0004,
Address – 1. maija street 16, LV-5701, Ludza, Ludza Municipality,
Area – 0.0745ha,

The object is a former evening school building. Located in the historic city center.

  • Floor: 2
  • Total number of floors of the building: 2
  • Ceiling height (m): 3.28
  • Floor load capacity (t): 1.5

Gates, cargo front door dimensions –

Number: 3

Width: (m) 1.00

Height: (m) 2.05

  • Freight elevator, lifting capacity (t)
  • Geographical coordinates: 56.546038, 27.7227153


  • Asphalt
  • Distance to highway highway: A12 Riga – Moscow (2km)
  • Railway branch: none
  • Nearest station: 1.8 km

Ownership: Ludza municipality.

Transaction type:Real estate is offered for rent. The rent is set according to conclusion of the real estate appraiser and the approval of Ludza County Council.